Camping col d ibardin

The best place for hiking!
A reunion for nature lovers…
Day 1
A trip with friends who love hiking!

The big day has arrived! Today, you’re heading off for a long weekend with your group of friends to Ascain. You’ve been talking about these vacation plans for so long! Being passionate about hiking for a while now, you chose Camping Zelaia for its convenient location for the various trails you plan to explore. Plus, the campsite has a pool that will likely be more than necessary to relax your legs!

Camping Zelaia - House Facade in Ascain
Goal: La Rhune!

It’s 7:00 in the morning, and you and your 7 friends are all set to go! You hit the road for a 2.5-hour journey. On the way, you decided to stop by a bakery to get sandwiches for lunch. Indeed, you’ve decided not to waste any time today, and if all goes well, you’ll be able to have your meal at the top of La Rhune!

Camping Zelaia - Montain of la Rhune at Basque country
Camping Zelaia - Panoramic view of montain and sea from la Rhune
How beautiful the mountain is…

10:00 AM: You’ve arrived at the parking lot of the quarries in Ascain, one of the starting points for the ascent of La Rhune. Well-informed, you estimated 2.5 hours for the ascent and 1.5 hours for the descent. Perfect! Once at the top, you’ll have the opportunity to take your time and share your picnic while enjoying the 360-degree view that the summit offers over the region…

Camping Zelaia - Landscape in the Rhune
Day 2
After a restful night… Breakfast on the terrace!

What a pleasant awakening! Upon arriving at the campsite yesterday, you discovered your two accomodations, side by side, just as you had requested from Elise, the receptionist, when making your reservation. So, this morning, it’s coffee and croissants together to plan the day! Some of you have already visited the Sare caves and know that a hiking route starts from there.

Camping Zelaia - Visit of Sare\'s cave
One of the most spectacular hikes of the trip…

Off you go for another hike with friends! Starting from the Sare caves parking lot, you embark on a 4-hour loop that takes you to the summit of Atxuria and then back to the starting point. With a packed picnic in your backpack, the ascent begins through a dense and lush forest. The trail, well-marked and easy to follow, offers spectacular views of the valley…

Camping Zelaia - View of montain la Rhune
Heated pool to relax your muscles!

“The landscapes were just incredible!!”

Once back at the car after a few hours of walking, you’re as tired as you are amazed by everything you’ve just experienced. Back at the campsite, everyone rushes to put on their swimsuits to enjoy the lounge chairs and the heated pool… What a treat after such a hike!

Camping Zelaia - Pool for your group trip
Camping Zelaia - Pool access all along your trip at the campsite
Day 3
New challenge: the Ibardin Pass

Today’s agenda: exploring Col d’Ibardin, located on the Franco-Spanish border. After a hearty breakfast purchased by the guys at the campsite’s grocery store, the whole team hit the road towards the starting point of the hike. A mere 10-minute drive is all it takes! “I’m already so excited to be at the top,” Sarah says.

Camping Zelaia - View of Ibardin in Basque country
Another breathtaking place…

The landscape is absolutely stunning! What a privilege to admire the snow-capped mountains, lush green meadows, and picturesque villages stretching as far as the eye can see. After taking the time to fully enjoy it, you began the descent. And once again, it was particularly pleasant. You just needed to follow a small marked trail that meandered through the valley…

Camping Zelaia - Hiking with family nearby the campsite
How about a little evening in Spain?

Feeling joyful, once back at the car, you decided that this beautiful day couldn’t end there. “What if we went to Spain tonight?” That was all it took to motivate everyone! In San Sebastian, you discover charming lively streets, picturesque neighborhoods, and numerous tapas bars where you might spend a good part of the evening…

Camping Zelaia - View of San-Sebastian city
Camping Zelaia - Old town of San Sebastian
Day 4
Thanks to Elise for the great tip!

Unfortunately, you’ve reached your last day of hiking already! Today’s plan: the coastal trail! It was Elise, the receptionist at Camping Zelaia, who recommended this route that allows you to follow the coastline and enjoy stunning views of the ocean. Everyone is highly motivated as you put on your favorite sneakers one last time, this time heading towards Saint-Jean-de-Luz!

Camping Zelaia - Hiking on coastline roads
Camping Zelaia - Bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz
A hike facing the sea, what more could you ask for?

From the very first steps, everyone is mesmerized by the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and the rugged cliffs. The colors are magnificent, the smells of the sea are intoxicating, and you feel incredibly lucky to share this moment with your lifelong friends. After two hours of walking, you reach Lafiténia Beach, where you take a break to enjoy the “special Basque products” sandwiches you prepared the day before!

Camping Zelaia - Fort of Socoa at Saint Jean de Luz
Time for take stock…

The return journey to the port of Saint-Jean-de-Luz is smooth. Once there, you take the time to sit on a café terrace to rest and, most importantly, reflect on your trip. “So, what did you prefer?” “It’s almost impossible to choose, but I loved La Rhune!” Back at the campsite, it’s time to bid farewell to the staff members with whom you had formed connections. “We’ll come visit you again, promise!”

Camping Zelaia - View of Rhune