Basque Coast Camping

Spice up
your holidays!
Radiant Nature in the Basque Country…
Day 1
Nice red and white

It’s the big day! The whole family has packed up the car and is on the way to the Basque Country!
During the journey, the kids have fun counting the passing cars…
45 : that’s the number of gray cars that Baptise, the youngest, has spotted. As the landscape changes, everyone is amazed by the architecture of the small red and white houses, iconic of the region… It’s certain, the campground is not far now!

Camping Zelaia - Typical village
« Ongi Etorri » (Welcome!)

You’ve arrived! Dad heads towards the reception to validate the various details, and the kids are already looking around to spot the different facilities. Eventually, he returns quickly with a map in hand, and the whole family gets back into the car to go to their accommodation! “It’s there, it’s there!” The children exclaim in the car – they’ve just spotted the cozy nest of their vacation. Everything is exactly as they had imagined – a peaceful place on the edge of the forest with super comfortable beds and a television in the living room!

Camping Zelaia - Accomodations with terrace
Camping Zelaia - Mobile Home Rental for Families
The fridge filled with local delicacies…

Immediately, two teams are formed. On one side, Mom and Baptiste take care of unpacking and planning the week ahead. On the other side, Dad and Léna, the older one, head to the store to fill the fridge and cabinets properly. When they return from the store, they share that they saw incredible landscapes along the way. That’s quite fitting because tonight at 7 p.m., there’s a welcome reception with all the necessary information for exploring the region!

Camping Zelaia - Lunch on terrace of a rental
Day 2
Mutxiko demonstration

After taking your time to wake up peacefully, you decide to head to the Ciboure market, an essential destination located just 10 minutes from the campsite.


On site, the weather is absolutely beautiful, which seems to be inspiring the locals who gather in the Fronton square to dance the mutxiko, a traditional Basque dance! What a fortunate opportunity to witness this performance and, above all, what an atmosphere…

Camping Zelaia - Traditional danse in basque country
Camping Zelaia - Typical village of basque country
And there…
The beach!

Upon Léna’s suggestion, the whole family walks across the bridge to reach the town of Saint-Jean-de-Luz. The atmosphere is quite different, and you truly feel like you’re right by the seaside…


After a brief stop at the beach, everyone heads towards the main pedestrian street. It’s a chance to really get the seaside vibe…
Later, you’ll return to the bustling market halls that you’ve heard so much about. It’s decided! You’ll go back there on Friday before leaving to buy numerous local products…

Camping Zelaia - beach near the campsite
The season of sun
and songs…

What a day! Once you arrive back at the campsite, everyone has some free time to relax and unwind. The girls head off to enjoy the last rays of sun by the pool, while the boys prefer to stay inside and play board games in the accommodation. In the evening, the campsite’s entertainers have organized a special Basque song night, an event not to be missed!

Camping Zelaia - Karaoké
Day 3
Put on your sneakers!

Early wake-up today because it’s hiking day! Indeed, at the welcome gathering, you heard about the Rhune, the highest mountain in the region.


However, this morning there’s a big debate. On one side, there are those who want to take the train up, and on the other, those who want to climb on foot! Eventually, a compromise is reached. Mom and Léna drop off dad and Baptiste at the train departure point in Sare before returning to park at Trabenia, just a kilometer from the campsite, to start the ascent.

Camping Zelaia - Discover la Rhune with train
For an exceptional natural spectacle…

“Wowwww.” Yes, up there, the view is simply stunning. The scenery is incredible, with various shades of blue and green… It’s like a postcard!


The boys share their train ride experience while the girls, proud of themselves, talk about their hike. One thing is for sure, the picnic prepared by dad is enjoyed by everyone and provides a great break before setting off again for the downhill journey that promises to be quite a workout!

Camping Zelaia - Hiking at la Rhune
Camping Zelaia - Panoramic view on the Rhune and the sea
Mojitos and flavored syrups with water!

There you go, the descent is done! Everyone is gathered at the car, ready to hit the road back to the campsite. Upon arrival, it’s off to the pool to rest their legs on the sun loungers and take a few dips to cool off.


The evening continues in high spirits at « Kaxu », the campsite’s guinguette with mojitos for the parents and sodas for the younger ones!

Camping Zelaia - Drinks with family
Day 4
in good company

Today, they announced a beautiful sunny day with temperatures almost reaching 35°C!


This morning, everyone enjoys a delicious breakfast on the terrace while it’s still pleasantly cool outside. The atmosphere is so peaceful, and just like every day since they arrived at the campsite, Baptiste leaves bread crumbs on the edge of the terrace to watch the little birds come and eat them later! The joy of being on vacation…

Camping Zelaia - Breakfast in a rental of campsite
Everyone in the water!

Since Sunday, the kids haven’t stopped talking about the beach they caught a glimpse of in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. It’s not too hot yet, so it’s the perfect time to enjoy it!


Off to the car for just a 15-minute drive before laying down towels on the fine sand of the Basque Country. With sunscreen applied and hats on, the kids run towards the waves! Some friends from the campsite told them that the water temperature can reach up to 22°C…

Camping Zelaia - Beach of Saint-Jean-de-Luz
Camping Zelaia - Soft sand beach near the campsite
Camping Zelaia - Cave of Sare
Exploring a cave…

It’s 3:00 PM, and the sun and heat make it challenging to do much outdoors… “We’d be much better off in a cave,” Léna jokingly remarks.

Actually, that’s a great idea! The Sare Caves are only 15 kilometers away from the campsite and will provide a cool escape for part of the afternoon.

Upon arrival, a one-hour guided tour with sound and light awaits the entire family. The interior of the caves is simply magnificent, leaving the kids almost speechless…

Camping Zelaia - Visit of Sare\'s cave
Day 5
Buying espadrilles
as a family

Today is a special day! The whole family gets ready to head to Hendaye, a town just a 20-minute drive from Camping Zelaia. “They’re so beautiful!” Léna exclaims while strolling through the small village, having spotted espadrilles, the traditional footwear of the Basque Country.

Since it’s a fantastic vacation souvenir idea, the family decides to equip everyone with a pair! There are so many choices of patterns and colors…

Camping Zelaia - View of Hendaye
Camping Zelaia - Visit of markets with typical products of basque country
Surf lessons and
beautiful wipeouts

Arriving by the seaside, dad spots a surf school that offers lessons! Since he’s never had the chance to try it before, he’s determined to make the most of his vacation on the Basque coast and give it a shot.

Baptiste is eager to join him, so the two of them head out to conquer the beautiful waves of Biarritz! Of course, mom enjoys capturing the boys’ most epic wipeouts on her phone and doesn’t miss a single moment of the action…

Camping Zelaia - Surf with children
it’s tapas party!

“Take the shuttle to discover Hondarribia, you won’t be disappointed!” Without hesitation, the whole family follows the advice of the surf instructor and heads to the port.

Great, the ferry ride only takes 7 minutes and costs 2 euros, and the view seems fantastic!

The instructor was right, the little village is truly charming! Plus, there’s a wide selection of tapas bars and small authentic restaurants… It’s bound to be a good time!

Camping Zelaia - Tapas
Day 6
chocolate bread
and croissants in the early morning

Today’s wakeup is a bit later, and for good reason – there are no plans except to fully enjoy the camping experience.

Surprise! Mom arrives with a bag full of delicious pastries she picked up from the grocery store at KAXU.

Perfect to start this new day on the right foot!

This morning, the kids are excited to try out the kids’ club. Since it’s open for ages 6 to 12, they’re thrilled to go together!

Camping Zelaia - Activities at kids club
Basque burger
and warm goat cheese salad for lunch.

The kids are bursting with excitement as they come out of the mini-club ! They’ve made loads of new friends, played lots of games, and they absolutely loved it!

Lunchtime means heading to the campsite’s restaurant. Dad goes for the “Txistorra” burger, topped with a local Basque charcuterie!

The kids opt for the dedicated children’s menu – Baptiste chooses a hamburger, and Léna goes for breaded chicken tenders. Mom, on the other hand, can’t resist the roasted goat cheese salad…

Camping Zelaia - Lunch at campsite
Camping Zelaia - Basketball play in family
And mussels and fries in the evening!

After lunch, two teams form. On one side, Mom prefers to head back to the mobile home to relax, and on the other, Dad and the kids head to the multi-sports field for a little basketball game!

At 5 PM, Léna and Baptiste join the giant treasure hunt organized in the campsite. Meanwhile, the parents can reserve a table at KAXU for the traditional Thursday night mussels and fries dinner!

Camping Zelaia - Mussels and fries
Day 7
Gourmet festival at the market!

It’s the last day, and as planned, it’s time to head to the halls of Saint-Jean-de-Luz to fill the car with souvenirs and delicious local specialties!

Piment d’Espelette, Ossau-Iraty cheese, Basque cake, and Bayonne ham… indulging in all the delights!

Once back at the mobile home, the sun is shining again, so lunch will be enjoyed outside on the terrace, mostly clearing out the fridge.

Camping Zelaia - Cheese of Basque country
Camping Zelaia - Traditional houses of Basque country with Espelette pepers
Last nature walk…

The suitcases are already packed, and that’s a job well done!

Now, everyone is enjoying their last day at Zelaia in their own way. Mom and Baptiste head to the pool while Dad and Léna compete in a table tennis match.

In the late afternoon, everyone gathers for a final stroll in nature… Ahhh, how wonderful the Basque Country is!

Camping Zelaia - View of Rhune
« We’ll be back for sure! »

Another beautiful day comes to an end! The kids and Mom are starting to get tired, but Dad suggests playing pétanque and Mölkky while enjoying some delicious takeaway pizzas from the snack bar.


Well, it’s the perfect moment to soak up the last rays of sun while sharing a good time with the family! In the end, it’s Léna and Mom who beat Dad and Baptiste, but the boys have declared that they’ll take their revenge when they return to Zelaia!

Camping Zelaia - Pétanque play